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I offer a one time consultation and a 3 month journey, depending on what you need. Do you have a specific question? Then I'm more than happy to give you advice during a one time consultation. 

Do you want to dive a little deeper? Then we take more time, so we can give full attention, for exploring, understanding and for integration. I will support you in the process to re-create a sustainable health, so you can experience more freedom in body, mind and soul. 

My invitation 

We are dynamic miracle beings and always evolving.


I believe that we need to learn about how we move from one way to the other, to live a harmonious life. 

I believe that you can build a sustainable health if you understand how your energetic body works and if you can embrace her intelligence. Because your body has the power to heal itself.

Symptoms as pain, like headache and joint pain but also digestive problems, allergies, anxiety and dizziness are an invitation to listen, listen to what your body is communicating. It is an invitation to explore what the cause of the symptom is, so you can re-create a sustainable health. 


Dive into the miracles of your body 

It is my mission, by sharing my knowledge and passion about our bodies intelligence, that you will, in the end, learn to recognize your true needs in every moment. Which help you build an energized flow on your unique evolution. 


Based on what I've learned, realized and experienced through studies and life, with a holistic approach and by trusting my intuition. 

You can expect a lot of knowledge about our humanity, to discover and learn to recognize your missing pieces, supported by nutrition routines, daily rhythms and movement. 


All consultations are 1:1 and if possible in real life otherwise online.

Depending on your needs and possibilities. 

One time consultation |
Follow up

One time consultation for if you need help with something specific or advice about certain elements to help you on your health journey.
Or book a follow up consultation if you already had a first time consultation.

- First time 1,5h
- Follow up 45 min

€ 95,- / € 70,-

3 months journey

This 3 months journey invites you to make that deep dive, to the source of your symptoms and to give full attention for integration.  

If you are curious to learn more about your unique health and well-being and in need to re-connect to the feeling of freedom; make that jump with me!

You can expect a lot of knowledge about our humanity and the intelligence of your body, so you will learn to recognize your unique missing pieces of every moment.


Supported by nutrition routines, daily rhythms and movement.

Every month, one meeting 1,5h 

and available for support in between 


€ 490,-

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