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My story

I was raised among the bees, surrounded by trees and plants. Nature was an important part of my childhood.

My parents live a self-sufficient existence and made me aware of the fact that we are part of nature and that our bodies are made to solve processes on their own, if we just embrace it.

My love for beauty started with the outside of our body. From taking care of our skin to telling a story through creating a specific appearance. 

During my skin care training in 2007, I got aware of the fact that our skin, which is our largest organ, can often be a reflection of what's going on inside. 


This holistic approach and the language of our energetic body made me dive into the deeper layers of our bodies' intelligence. It piqued up my curiosity into the essence of our humanity. 


I want to understand why certain reactions occur, how we can solve it or embrace it. Our energetic body is complicated but a magical ecosystem and we need to listen, observe and honor her natural intelligence and rhythms.


The studies Medical and Psychosocial Basic Knowledge (the Energy School 2018-2019) and Functional Medicine (Natura Foundation 2020) gave me the knowledge about the intelligence and the language of the body, mind and soul. I've learned the importants of looking at different perspectives, understanding perceptions and looking at our humanity and nature as a whole.


Next to nutrition, I've learned about our evolution, lifestyle and herbalism during the Functional Medicine training. I've learned to understand and listen to our bodies' natural rhythms and to the patterns of nature, in order to live a happy and inspired life. 

I would like to share my expertise with you, so that we can all move flexibly and consciously from one way to the other and thus create a healthier planet.

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With this holistic approach I entered in 2011 the dynamic world of television and film. In this world I try to share this vision by creating room for what my work can mean in the respective goal. I try to connect the inner with the outer world by analyzing and creating a character or support someone's empowerment in front of the camera by emphasizing their unique appearance. 

I work with 100% clean products.

A holistic approach

Connecting art

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