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nature and science

Your skin works like a filter. It is your largest organ and it's in direct contact with your environment. Well-functioning skin is important to be fully protected against external stressors. It is important that we honor this barrier function and support the skin with biological, skin-identical substances. ​ Skin-identical substances are immediately recognized by our body as her body's own, so the immune system does not have to react. As a result, our body stays in her natural rhythm.


Biological skin care

Skin care

I work with products of Dr Baumann, L'Odaïtes & Rosel Heim. I have carefully selected these organic, biological and 100% clean brands over the years.

You can reach out to me for personal advice and for the purchase of these products.

The philosophy of all the products I work with is about living in accordance with nature, instead of against it

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